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A Distributed Position-based Routing Algorithm in 3D Wireless Industrial Internet of Things

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Smart factory is a typical application scene of Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless terminal devices naturally compose a three-dimensional industrial wireless net-work. A primary requirement in the network is delivering packets from source node to destination node. Most Geo-graphic routing algorithms are designed for planar networks and they do not suit 3D networks. In this paper, we extend Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing algorithm (GPSR) into three dimensions named GPSR-3D. In GPSR-3D, each node decides next hop of a packet by cooperating with only local neighbors and hence this algorithm is totally distributed. GPSR-3D comprises two packet forwarding patterns named Greedy Forwarding Pattern (GFP) and Surface Forwarding Pattern (SFP). In GFP, a node always sends the packet to a neighbor closest to destination and when it fails, SFP is employed for recovery. In SFP, we first divide the whole network space into a set of subspace based on a novel 3D geometric structure. Then, a parallel polyhedron traverse algorithm is proposed to recover local minima. A flowchart of GPSR-3D is given to clearly present the process of delivering a packet based on GFP and SFP. Simulation results show that GPSR-3D is of great reliability, energy-efficiency and storage-efficiency. Specifically, data transmission amount in GPSR-3D is about 67% and 71% to that of MDT and GDSTR-3D in average. Moreover, GPSR-3D performs much better than MDT and GDSTR-3D in terms of average storage cost and the average storage space in GPSR-3D is about 48% and 26% to that of MDT and GDSTR-3D, respectively.

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