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A Novel DSP Architecture for Scientific Computing and Deep Learning

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Exascale computing requires accelerators with ultrahigh power efficiency. Digital signalprocessors (DSPs), the most important embedded processors widely known for high power efficiency, arerarely explored in the HPC community. We propose a 64-bit general purpose DSP architecture, FTMatrix2000, which not only integrates main features of DSPs, but also presents several novel enhancementsfor scientific computing. The FT-Matrix2000 architecture comprises multiple FT-Matrix2 cores andoptional RISC CPU cores. The FT-Matrix2 core utilizes a VLIW+SIMD architecture, provides support fordouble precision operations, and optimizes both the data and control path for scientific computing. Ourevaluations show that the performance and efficiency of FT-Matrix2000 are 1107GFLOPS and 92.25%.Compared with the MIC and a 40nm process GPU, FT-Matrix2000 improves the GEMM power efficiencywith a factor of 1.49 and 2.68, respectively. We build up a prototype supercomputer with FTMatrix2000/12. Its HPL efficiency achieves 62.2%, and the performance power ratio is 5.33 GFLOPS/W,which can rank the fourth in the latest Green500 list. These results validate that the FT-Matrix2000architecture is suitable for scientific computing while maintaining the efficiency of signal processing well.Moreover, the enhancement of FT-Matrix2000 in vector and matrix related computations also enable it toefficiently support deep learning related applications. We have implemented some typical DCNN modelson FT-Matrx2000, NVIDIA GPUs and Vision P6 DSP. Experiments demonstrate that the averagecomputation efficiency of the proposed architecture based on Matrix2000 is about 20∼35% and 8% higherrespectively than GPUs and Cadence Vision P6 DSP.

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