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Are you prepared to advance practical hands-on software development experience and hone your IT skills that will help you throughout your life? An internship or training program will make you a better final year student and employee, promote your risk-taking and innovative spirit, and will help foster skills that are highly prized by employers across the globe.

We are a passionate team working for passionate students.

Put your trust in our experience. WISEN is proud to be recognised as one of the leaders in Chennai of internship program providers. WISEN Internship include innovative and practical training so that you work on real-world software development to ensure you develop the programming language skills needed to lead and innovate in the competitive IT industries of the future.

In Internship, as a college student you will engage with high quality experienced developers in world-class facilities. We teach the programming language fundamentals and give you the time to apply your programming knowledge in real time software development.

Creating Opportunities for your Future

An Internship will not only prepare you for your future dream career, but it will also put you in the driving seat to play a dynamic role in solving real world IT problems. Internship program benefits include work in a professional context with mentoring and skill development.

The Internships in Chennai endeavours to:

  • Real time software development experience
  • IT Professional Networking
  • How to develop a string industry needed resume?
  • Provide building blocks you need for your future.
  • And many more

Internships are countless tools to progress your opportunity as a job applicant and help make you a better probable employee. So make the venture in your dream career and look into becoming an intern.

During your final year student internship, you will work on our daily real time software development projects as a fully-fledged member of the team. Therefore it gives you the chance to show your talent.

A successful internship with WISEN will provide an excellent stepping-stone for opportunities in ever changing IT Jobs.

We are constantly striving to improve our program options and services!

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